What others are saying...

"I would recommend William as a presenter to any group looking for someone who is engaging, thought provoking and genuinely interested in helping to positively affect the lives of those in the group."

Anthony Nicholson, Youth Services Officer. City of Wodonga, VIC 

"William came to us at a time of great change and he gave us the inspiration and courage we needed to re-think our direction and to move forward consciously and together. His own personal commitment to ‘thinking below the shoulders’ was evident in his relationships with all of us and was personally inspiring for myself, I have tried to emulate his style of interaction in my work. We haven’t finished our journey of change yet, we now know we never will, but we are confident we are going in the right direction."

Trish Heeley, NQF & Sustainability Coordinator Penrith City Council 

"Dr William DeJean is an inspiring educator. He demonstrates a real commitment to equity and social justice and lives this out through his teaching and other academic activities. William brings a real enthusiasm to his work engaging with students in very effective ways to build their teaching skills and motivate their passion as educators. My engagements with William continue to challenge me to think in new ways and reinforce my evolving ideas of leadership. I encourage you to get to know William and share in his expertise and commitment to education."

Dr. Louise Hard, Associate Dean, Faculty of Business, Albury, Australia 

"I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. DeJean to any entity that values building strong relationships within their organization. The work he does is meaningful, powerful and transformative. His ability to reach the resistant and bring them along, to strengthen bonds within the organisation, and to help groups visualize their possibilities is invaluable."

Dr. Nancy Dome, Founder EPOCH Education, Sonoma, California 

"I would recommend Dr. William DeJean to any school, community group, or business that is interested in building strong, forward thinking individuals that thrive on creating and innovating their workplace. He has been a great catalyst of change in education settings in Australia and the United States and continues to be an inspiration to us at our school, and for me personally, as an individual, leader and teacher."

Will Pleydon, Assistant Principal, Wellbeing Coordinator, Wodonga Middle Years College, Australia 

"William led our managers through an interactive, at times personally challenging, but deeply enriching session at our most recent Leadership Forum. Feedback from participants included ‘very inspirational’ and ‘challenged our approach to communication and how we think’. I would highly recommend William for any organisation that is making a difference to the lives of others."

Kate Callaghan, Chief Operations Officer – Aged Care Plus, Australia 

"William's programs have helped our leaders, our teams and our members to navigate change and to reflect on who we are both professionally and personally. With his assistance we've been able to strengthen our teams, our leadership and the overall culture of our organisation. We continue to utilise his exceptional resources to help all of us reach our fullest potential. I would highly recommend William to any organisation looking to inspire and re-inspire itself for the work it does."

Leanne Gibbs – CEO, Community Childcare Cooperative, NSW, Australia 

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