How to Unleash Learning is our signature program that teaches you and your team the system that makes learning stick for everyone.

The Virtual Option

Our online option helps you and your team learn the system that makes learning stick wherever you are in the world. After each Module, we’ll meet with your team in live Zoom sessions to help model the system and help ensure learning sticks for everyone.

15 hours of professional development

The Blended Option

The blended option combines online with face-to-face learning sessions after each Module. After each Module, we’ll run a face-to-face session to help model the system and help ensure learning stick for everyone.

23 hours of professional development

Who's the program for?

Training organisations
Instructional leaders
Schools, districts and networks
Staff developers
Businesses and organisations that present, run workshops or run professional development programs

What you'll learn

The system that makes learning stick for everyone
A common language around effective teaching, facilitation or staff development.
How to use the system in face-to-face, virtual and blended learning environments
How to move from the “delivery” of information to making learning stick for everyone
How to create PowerPoint slides and resources that help make learning stick for everyone
Ways to streamline your preparation process
How to master the 3 parts of any session you run
How to confidently get outcomes for the programs, courses or workshop that you run.
How to affirm diversity and support inclusion of all learners

What Others Say

I’d highly recommend this program to anyone in the education and corporate sectors who wants to ensure learning sticks for everyone.  The program’s ability to share complex ideas in a simple, clear way made the video content energising and inspiring and the accompanying action sheets encouraged very meaningful and relevant reflection and action planning.

Kate Wilkie, Co-Founder, Positive Leadership & Executive Coach

The program taught me a system that works in both a face-to-face and virtual learning environment which has been beneficial to my work.  It teaches simple but effective tools that anyone can use. I would highly recommend the program to any teacher, presenter or staff developer who wants to ensure learning sticks for everyone!

Daniela Falecki, Founder – Teacher Wellbeing

‘I’d recommend this program to all educators. It provides a framework for our craft that eases the cognitive load for education professionals. It reinvigorates educators with a conversation about and a focus on what really matters, breathing magic back into the best job in the world.”

Karen Corbett, Head of Instruction, Hammond Park Secondary College

‘I think the biggest impact it had on me was helping me to let go of the control in the classroom and hand more of the work over to the students, getting them to lift the weights. They are the ones who need to be working hard during the sessions. It has given me techniques to do this as well as the confidence that this is the right thing to do and not feel guilty if I’m not the one working the hardest.’

Eryn Watt, Murrayville Community College

It gave me a perspective on what is important in my teaching and how to prioritise learning so students can lift the weights to maximise impact.

Ross Johnson
Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College, Tumbi Umbi Campus
HT information/ I.T. Manager

I have learnt a heck of a lot from this course. At times, I feel as a teacher that I can get comfortable with doing things my way and sticking by them. I now believe you need to challenge yourself and use different strategies to unleash learning for everyone.

Joshua Dench
Copperfield College

Make Learning Stick For Everyone