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How to Ease Your Stress

According to NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman, we’re living in the age of acceleration… an age filled with excitement, incredible opportunity and rapid, global, systematic change. It’s also a time that if not managed well, can leave us all feeling overwhelmed, stressed, fearful and exhausted.  While we might not be able to change the age we [...]

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Meet My Mom

When I was a kid, my mom had 2 goldfish on her office desk named Happy and Healthy. This never surprised me. With a Master’s in Public Health my mom's goldfish were great reminders of the importance and focus of her work. For most of my life she’s been teaching, leading and talking about wellness, prevention [...]

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3 Expert Public Speaking Tips

As we begin 2017 together, I’m more excited then ever to share with you tips, ideas, resources and amazing people to help inspire and re-inspire you for the important work you do for our world. That’s why I want to kick off the year by introducing you to Lindsay Moss.   Lindsay has [...]

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How To Support Your Team Through Deep Listening

It can be so tough being a leader! Whether with your students, your team, or your entire organisation, finding consistent ways to support the success of everyone you work with can be challenging.  But great leaders not only can positively impact the entire culture of an organisation, but can also positively help individuals become better both professionally and [...]

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Healthy Eating Made Simple

My mission is to help you and your team stay inspired for the important work you’re doing for our world. That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to Caroline Trickey. I met Carolyn when I took one of her amazing cooking classes. What I learned wasn’t just new recipes (they’re terrific by the way!), but [...]

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How To Reconnect To Your Greater Purpose

Do you ever feel like you forget why you’re doing the work you’re doing? You might have entered your profession with specific goals, dreams, desires and intentions. But over time, you might have lost touch with that purpose. It’s so easy to do. With the busyness of our live or all the changes we’re often [...]

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Have I Said Thank You?

You know what I noticed this year? It's how little positive feedback people like you; a person working to make a difference receives. The hard part about your work is you might not see the results for many many years. Let's face it, it's hard to keep giving and leading without seeing the impact your [...]

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