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This Will Keep Your Students Inspired

If you want to keep your students inspired, bring out the best in who they are, and help them reach new levels of success, there’s one strategy you can use immediately. It won’t require you changing much of what you already do, and if used consistently, can help keep all your students inspired.     [...]

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Music: When to Use it in Your Classroom

Do you ever have students who lack confidence, are reluctant to take risks, or who enter your classroom with what seems to be a negative mindset? Even a few students with these behaviours can have a negative effect on the entire classroom. I’ve learned that for some students, these behaviours are a mask for fear. Classrooms can be [...]

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1 Easy Way To Boost Student Engagement

If you or your school are working to boost student engagement, here’s one easy tip you can use immediately. It won’t cost you money or much time. Plus, it will limit the number of times you need to repeat yourself throughout any learning session. MAKE YOUR DIRECTIONS VISIBLE Here’s how it works: 1.  Preparation During your [...]

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How to Ease Your Stress

According to NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman, we’re living in the age of acceleration… an age filled with excitement, incredible opportunity and rapid, global, systematic change. It’s also a time that if not managed well, can leave us all feeling overwhelmed, stressed, fearful and exhausted.  While we might not be able to change the age we [...]

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Meet My Mom

When I was a kid, my mom had 2 goldfish on her office desk named Happy and Healthy. This never surprised me. With a Master’s in Public Health my mom's goldfish were great reminders of the importance and focus of her work. For most of my life she’s been teaching, leading and talking about wellness, prevention [...]

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Great Advice For New Teachers

This month I want to dedicate this post to new teachers. *If you’re not a new teacher…please keep reading.  There’s something for you too.   There’s a lot of startling statistics about how many new teachers leave the profession or about the kinds of obstacles they face. Working with new teachers for over a decade, I know [...]

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1 Question To Ask Your Team

Because you and your team are working to make a positive difference…I’m going to ask you to celebrate your success. And to celebrate those successes often. Celebrating success not only helps strengthen the ways your team works together, but it also helps keep everyone inspired.   Yet, many teams I work with are so busy [...]

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My #1 Teaching Tip

There's one tip I've been giving to people for over two decades. People who use it tell me it saves them energy and helps ensure learning is unleashed for everyone they work with. That tip is simply:  Lose Your Voice Because if you lose your voice, you’ll naturally use successful strategies to ensure everyone is lifting the weights (writing, speaking, explaining, [...]

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3 Expert Public Speaking Tips

As we begin 2017 together, I’m more excited then ever to share with you tips, ideas, resources and amazing people to help inspire and re-inspire you for the important work you do for our world. That’s why I want to kick off the year by introducing you to Lindsay Moss.   Lindsay has [...]

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How To Support Your Team Through Deep Listening

It can be so tough being a leader! Whether with your students, your team, or your entire organisation, finding consistent ways to support the success of everyone you work with can be challenging.  But great leaders not only can positively impact the entire culture of an organisation, but can also positively help individuals become better both professionally and [...]

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