If you want to keep your students inspired, bring out the best in who they are, and help them reach new levels of success, there’s one strategy you can use immediately.

It won’t require you changing much of what you already do, and if used consistently, can help keep all your students inspired.




Here’s how it works:

Show great examples

If you’re showing sample work, show your students the best of the best so they can see what’s possible. Many times students who see the best of the best will not only reach that level in their own work, but will jump right over it!

Focus on what’s working

Nothing inspires others more than hearing what’s working well.  At the end of your learning session (or throughout it), mention specifically what worked well and praise the class for those items. Or, on occasion, have your students record what they thought went well and have them share their answers with each other.

Write great comments

When grading papers, consider focusing more of your comments on what the student did well. Finish your comments with a few specific suggestions on ways they can improve next time.

If you want to inspire all your students and create the conditions that support continued success, focusing on the best of the best is a great way to do this.


What’s your favourite strategies for keeping your students inspired?  Click comments below and share and inspire others!