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There’s one tip I’ve been giving to people for over two decades.

People who use it tell me it saves them energy and helps ensure learning is unleashed for everyone they work with.

That tip is simply:  Lose Your Voice

Because if you lose your voice, you’ll naturally use successful strategies to ensure everyone is lifting the weights (writing, speaking, explaining, discussing, etc.) throughout the learning session.

And when people are lifting the weights, learning is unleashed.

Here’s how it works:

1. Prepare Well  

As you prepare for your learning session, identify the specific strategies you’ll use to get everyone lifting the weights.  Need successful strategies?  Click here to check out my book.

2. Pay Attention To Who Is Speaking

During the session, if you notice you’re doing all the talking (or the same few students are), change what you’re doing and pass out the weights to the people you work with.  Click here to watch how one teacher does this.  

3. Use A Reminder

Put a reminder in your learning space to help remember to limit your talking and pass out the weights during the session. Click here to get your free handout.


How do you limit how much you speak during your classroom or your professional learning session you run?

Leave you comment below and help inspire others.


  • Kiarralene Babauta says:

    Hello! Some of your links are not properly working. I love the idea of losing my voice. This is something I have been implementing in my classroom and enjoy listening to learners explanations and chiming in less to have the learners have a voice in the content.

  • Barbara says:

    My advice is to stand at the doorway as students enter the classroom, with the biggest grin on your face (even if you’re shaking inside). Grins are infectious. I do that very time I am called in to relief teach. I can see the relief in students’ eyes when they see my welcoming smile.

    I am a relief teacher now that I’ve retired after 50 years of teaching in both the primary classroom as well as music classroom settings. It’s how we make our students feel about themselves that is the most important gift we can give them.

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