It can be so tough being a leader!

Whether with your students, your team, or your entire organisation, finding consistent ways to support the success of everyone you work with can be challenging. 

But great leaders not only can positively impact the entire culture of an organisation, but can also positively help individuals become better both professionally and personally. 

That’s why I’m thrilled for you to meet Dr. Sheiveh Jones.


In our interview, Dr. Jones will share with you how to use deep listening to both strengthen the ways you lead and to support the people you work with. 

In our discussion you’ll discover:

  • What is means to deeply listen
  • What it takes to listen well
  • The difference between listening and hearing
  • How deep listening can support the energy of the entire team
  • Specific ways to strengthen how you listen deeply

If you’re looking for additional tools to enhance your leadership skills so you can bring out the best in the people you work with, this interview is for you.

Question For You:
What are the strategies you use to listen well?  Add your comments below and inspire others.