Always Write First

write firstIf you and your team are working to support consistent and effective teaching throughout your organisation, here’s a successful strategy you can all use at the start of your learning sessions.

Always Write First.

When you always write first you’re giving everyone:

  • an opportunity to lift the weights
  • time to think  
  • an opportunity to activate prior knowledge
  • a safe space to consider their own knowledge and thinking.

Here’s how it works:

1. Start your session by presenting a general question that connects to the topic of the session you’ll be exploring (shown on a white board or PowerPoint).

2. Make sure the question you use is of high interest and links to your learners’ lives.

3. Provide everyone a few minutes to write their individual answers.

4. Have everyone share their responses to a person they are sitting next to.

5. Invite a few people (no more than three) to share their response to the entire group.

6. Begin the session.

Always write first is a successful strategy you can use to support consistent and effective teaching and help to unleash learning for everyone.

I’m cheering you on!


What strategies do you use to successfully start the learning sessions you run? Add a comment below to share your answers.

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