Have I Said Thank You?

///Have I Said Thank You?

positive feedbackYou know what I noticed this year?

It’s how little positive feedback people like you; a person working to make a difference receives.

The hard part about your work is you might not see the results for many many years.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to keep giving and leading without seeing the impact your work.

Please don’t take it personally.  It’s just the nature of the profession.

It’s also why getting positive feedback is essential. When done authentically and respectfully, it offers important support for you and your team’s ongoing success.

And your success is a success for all of us!

So to end this year, I’m sending you a big thank you for the many ways you’ve worked to make a difference this year.

I could fill the evening news with all the positive, important, courageous things you did.

I hope that over the break, you make time for rest, renewal, reflection and lot’s of well-deserved fun.

I look forward to connecting again in 2016.

Thank you! William

A question for you:

When was a time you received positive feedback?  What was the feedback and what positive impact did it have on you personally or professional?  Click “add new comment” to share your insight with us all. 

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