Tips For Building Community

///Tips For Building Community

community For leaders (that’s you!) of innovative organisations (that’s you again!), whose work is focused on making things better for our world, it can be challenging to build community and sustain a sense of consistent purpose in today’s environment.

In a time of unprecedented change, where community, leading, working, and learning, are increasingly being replaced with words like “virtual“, “remote“, and “online“, it is even more essential to take the time to build community in groups and organisations.  From my own experiences working with innovative organisations (like your own!), I offer what I have come to see is needed for community to be built and maintained:

  • Time for groups to dream, reflect, learn, create, and celebrate together
  • Informal and formal ways of connecting
  • Ongoing strategies for collaborating with each other
  • Diverse people and ideas
  • A commitment to ensure all voices are heard
  • Strategies to navigate conflict in healthy ways
  • A sense of collective identity and share responsibility
  • For members to know that they are safe to make mistakes
  • A commitment to individual and collective wellnessEven for the most inspired groups, it can be challenging keeping inspiration alive, and people connected to the important work they are doing.  But a community on purpose, with a clear vision the work they are doing together, can impact our world in wonderful and positive ways.

A Question For You:

What are the ways you are building community with your group or organisation?

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