Unleash Learning


If you’re a teacher, university educator, staff developer, trainer, presenter or speaker, this book is for you!

Who this book is for:

  • Are you a teacher, university educator, staff developer, educational leader, trainer, presenter or speaker?
  • Are you passionate about what you know, and inspired by what you want to share?
  • Do you sometimes find it difficult to ensure the passion, wisdom and knowledge you care so deeply about translates into deep learning for your learners?
  • Are you looking for new ways to inspire yourself and all of your learners? 

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Product Description

“Unleash Learning” will help you:

✔︎  Implement successful strategies to unleash learning for all your learners
✔︎  Strategically plan and lead your next classroom, presentation, workshop, or professional learning session
✔︎  Master how to begin and end any learning session
✔︎  Support consistent and effective teaching and learning
✔︎  Ignite, inspire and unleash learning for everyone.

 What others say: 

“At a time when school leaders are pressed to improve outcomes at all costs, ‘Unleash Learning’ reminds me about the moral commitments to equity and quality that should inform the work of all educators. The chapters provide helpful guidance, tools and strategies on how teachers can unleash learning in all disciplines. This book shows how leaders can balance accountability with high quality teacher and learning in the schools we actually have.”

-Elaine Hazim, Campus Principal, Victoria University Secondary College

“Congratulations William on creating a gift for all educators.  You have drawn on years of knowledge and skill as an educator yourself to provide 40 practical strategies for transformational learning. More importantly you have infused this book with ‘pearls of wisdom’ many of which highlight the psychology underpinning teaching and learning.”

-Dr. Suzy Green, Clinical & Coaching Psychologist , Founder, The Positivity Institute

“This very useful volume speaks clearly to both the heart, and the practical strategies, of his vision of in-depth connectedness with learning. It will be an asset equally for beginner teachers and trainers, and for critically assessing and refreshing experienced teaching.”

-Dr. Robyn Moloney, Senior Lecturer, School of Education, Macquarie University

“Having engaged William as a professional learning coordinator on many occasions, I have witnessed first hand many of the strategies included in this book. As such, I can genuinely say, both from my personal experience and the positive feedback received from participants, they really do unleash learning for everyone!

-Lorraine Madden, Trainer, facilitator, mentor, coach

“His strategies helped me to believe that I can make a difference, it directed my way of thinking and his stories became the benchmark tool that I continue to explore to inspire everyone that I teach. ‘Unleash Learning’ is a powerful resource that allows his strategies to be shared, celebrated and unleashed, an inspiring teaching tool that shows everyone the way to fly!” 

-Peter Klein, Creative Music Teacher, Belvoir Special School

“Dr. DeJean provides us as educators with the opportunity to re-connect with the passion and power of education. His work brings together the personal and professional aspects of teaching and learning and reminds us that we can be powerful in the transformation of people’s lives. Learning is a more complex and sophisticated activity that demands equally sophisticated teacher commitment.  Rather than accepting compliance and conformity this book reminds us that being a teacher involves innovation and creativity in order to enable real learning. 

-Dr. Louise Hard, Associate Dean (Courses) Charles Sturt University


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