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The Healed Warrior

I'm surrounded by warriors. These warriors work in health, wellness, education, leadership, inclusion support, and community outreach. I call them warriors, because they are actively, meticulously, courageously, peacefully, and boldly, building a better world for us all. What makes them powerful and effective warriors is not just their ongoing commitment to the intentions of their work, but also their commitment [...]

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What is your purest intention for 2013?

"What you intend is what you become." Gary Zukav With the start of a new year, what is the purest intention fo your life and your work?  What positive impact do you intend to contibue to this year?  How will your intentions contribute to the global good? For many of us, even with the clearest [...]

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When climbing a hill – look down!

What hill are you currently climbing? Are you traveling a new road for your life? Are you stepping out of what you have always done, and venturing into a new personal or professioinal territory? If these questions or thoughts are in alignment with the hill you're climbing, I would like to suggest that to reach [...]

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Full! No more intakes today. No exceptions

While walking to get a coffee today, I saw this sign in front a storefront.  As I read it, I must admit I first felt taken aback.  Yet, a few minutes later I found myself loving its honesty.  While drinking that much needed coffee, I couldn't help but think of the sign in relationship to the [...]

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It has been nearly 20 years of being an educator.  Well actually it means 20 years of being a student, and then trying to pass on what has been given to me.  As the 20 year mark approaches, I'm even more curious about our systems and our students, and the kinds of communities we are [...]

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Margaret J. Wheatley

One of my sheroes is Margaret J. Wheately.  Each book I read from her brings me back to many of the reasons that I got into teaching, reminds me of the power of collective wisdom, and ultimately brings me back to my self.  I often end presentations I give with her quote: the leaders we [...]

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