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1 Question To Ask Your Team

Because you and your team are working to make a positive difference…I’m going to ask you to celebrate your success. And to celebrate those successes often. Celebrating success not only helps strengthen the ways your team works together, but it also helps keep everyone inspired.   Yet, many teams I work with are so busy [...]

By | February 27th, 2017|Inspire your team|4 Comments

Want To Support Your Team? Think Like A Wedding Planner!

Do you sometimes find it challenging to support your team? Whether it's your students, your team, or the network you lead, you might find that is all starts off well, but over time, the group doesn't remain at their optimal potential. Even if you feel confident in your abilities to bring out the best in [...]

By | October 13th, 2015|Inspire your team|1 Comment

The Secret To Strengthening The Way Your Team Works Together

Have you ever sat through a meeting where only one or two people did all the talking? Or, have you ever taken a class where a few individuals dominated all the class discussion? It can be frustrating, right? In those situations we can feel silenced, isolated, not included and less and less willing to fully [...]

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Want to unleash inspiration? Here’s how.

A car needs fuel to drive. A plant needs water and sun to grow. A sailboat needs wind to sail. And people working to make a difference (that's you!) need inspiration to thrive. True inspiration is not "rah, rah, everything is okay, just be happy." Rather, inspiration is an inner journey, that reconnects people to [...]

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The One Important Question To Ask At Your Next Meeting

If you work in the fields of education, health, wellness, leadership, mental health, social inclusion, or other helping or change making professions, you are focused on making things better for us all.  Yet, over time, you might find that the busyness of your work, the rapid state of change, the cuts to budgets or staffing, [...]

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The need to stop together

There is a common need that unifies the different groups I work with. Whether their work is in health, wellness, social inclusion, mental health, education, leadership, or other helping professions, they are linked by the vital, ongoing, powerful need, to simply stop together. Why stop together? Because the business of our systems, the demand of [...]

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5 Tips To Increase Effective Collaboration

Innovative leaders (that's you!) understand that the challenges before us are too complex, and our collective work is too important, for individuals to go it alone.  They understand that to create ongoing success, to bring out the best in what is possible, or to navigate change successfully, takes an ongoing commitment to effective collaboration.  Below [...]

By | September 5th, 2013|Inspire your team|1 Comment

Tips For Building Community

For leaders (that's you!) of innovative organisations (that's you again!), whose work is focused on making things better for our world, it can be challenging to build community and sustain a sense of consistent purpose in today's environment. In a time of unprecedented change, where community, leading, working, and learning, are increasingly being replaced with [...]

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What Keeps You Going?

Our work is too important to give up. Yet, even for the most committed, it can be hard to keep going.  Systems change, budgets adjust, new leadership teams are put into place, and over time we might find ourselves simply complying with what is happening, rather than dreaming, building, and working for the ideals and [...]

By | April 18th, 2013|Inspire your team|1 Comment

It’s Up To Us!

I have this dream that all educators (social workers, health care professionals, innovators, spirital leaders, etc) be provided with the time to sit and reflect on who they are and what their work is about.  In our daily business, it is easy to loose our way and forget who we are and what we truly [...]

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