I am not today nor ever have been a criminal

Ordinary High School Student Panty Shot: Yawara delivers a number of these, since something like wearing a skirt doesn't stop her from using judo. Her first real publicity involves one, as Kumoda gets a shot of her subduing a purse snatcher from. an angle that doesn't show her face. Replica Stella McCartney bags Every house [...]

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He is led to nearly conclude from available evidence these are

Averted at the end of the Roanapur arc when Keitaro wears a very different kind of suit. Badass Longcoat: While in Roanapur canon characters Boss Chang and Balilaika wear their fashionable black dress coat and Soviet Army greatcoat, respectively. Keitaro, in his undercover role, wears a regular knee length rain coat, as is it monsoon [...]

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Divine Intervention: In the end

Also the kid with the "Satan Rules" t shirt. Dirty Cop: It appears the entire NYPD are secretly Satanists. And not the fun, pot smoking, free love Satanists either, but the "murder witnesses and abduct women" kind. Divine Intervention: In the end, nothing Jericho can do can beat the bad guy, and asking for God's [...]

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Despite herculean efforts over the years

No wonder the cult hired him for the dirty work. Back from the Dead: Played with. Fronsac was presumed dead after being poisoned by Sylvia, turns out the effects were just temporary. Badass Bookworm: Fronsac is a scientist by profession, being one of the most accomplished in his field, and a veteran of the French [...]

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Heart may fail to pump sufficient amount of blood which may

The last time around when the Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, and the presidency (2003 2007) they cut taxes while launching wars that cost a trillion dollars, doubled the national debt, gave away $400 billion to their big donors among pharmaceutical companies, and presided over the worst financial crisis and recession since the Great [...]

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