Have I Said Thank You?

You know what I noticed this year? It's how little positive feedback people like you; a person working to make a difference receives. The hard part about your work is you might not see the results for many many years. Let's face it, it's hard to keep giving and leading without seeing the impact your [...]

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I’m Glad I’m A Bad Teacher

One sure way to block success is by running away from a belief, idea, thought or feeling you have about yourself. For instance, if you've ever thought: - I'm a bad leader. - I'm going to be "found out" as a fraud. - Other people are doing a better job. - I'm a bad teacher. [...]

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Drink Your Way To Success

I'm writing to suggest you drink more!  Yes more. Here's why... No matter how amazing you are (trust me, you're amazing!) you simply can't make the impact, find solutions, or navigate the complexity of your work alone. Yet, because of technology, your professional role or the speed your life is moving, it's easy to feel [...]

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This Action Will Help You Unleash Learning For Everyone

I know you want the best for the learners you work with. You want the sessions you run (or sessions your teams run) to bring out the best in what is possible for all the people you work with. Because you care about the work you do, you are strategically, mindfully and creatively creating lessons, presentation and meetings that unleash learning [...]

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A big Thank You!

The most challenging thing for people working to make a difference (that's you!) is the fact that they might not see the outcome of their efforts for weeks, months, or even years. So as this year comes to a close, (where does the time go?) rather than wait to celebrate your many successes, let me [...]

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