The Secret To Creating a Life You Love

There's a secret I want to share with you. You know when you're living a life you love, you have more stamina, insight, energy, inspiration, and ways to be of service to your students, staff and team. That's why with the start of 2016, I want to suggest one thing: To take out your calendar, [...]

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Have I Said Thank You?

You know what I noticed this year? It's how little positive feedback people like you; a person working to make a difference receives. The hard part about your work is you might not see the results for many many years. Let's face it, it's hard to keep giving and leading without seeing the impact your [...]

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I’m Glad I’m A Bad Teacher

One sure way to block success is by running away from a belief, idea, thought or feeling you have about yourself. For instance, if you've ever thought: - I'm a bad leader. - I'm going to be "found out" as a fraud. - Other people are doing a better job. - I'm a bad teacher. [...]

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Want To Support Your Team? Think Like A Wedding Planner!

Do you sometimes find it challenging to support your team? Whether it's your students, your team, or the network you lead, you might find that is all starts off well, but over time, the group doesn't remain at their optimal potential. Even if you feel confident in your abilities to bring out the best in [...]

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Drink Your Way To Success

I'm writing to suggest you drink more!  Yes more. Here's why... No matter how amazing you are (trust me, you're amazing!) you simply can't make the impact, find solutions, or navigate the complexity of your work alone. Yet, because of technology, your professional role or the speed your life is moving, it's easy to feel [...]

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What A Dragon Taught Me About Learning

Have you ever struggled to unleash learning for the people you work with?  If so, I'm going to suggest you find a symbol or theme to help you. For many years I had been working to find ways to "teach" my students how to navigate the challenges they faced.  I lectured on it.  I brought in [...]

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How To Reach 80 (And Beyond) With No Regrets

Can I tell you the dream I have for you? It's that you (and your team!), a person working to make a difference for our world, has the tools, resources, and time to consistently invest in your own life. Why?  Because when you are: Connected to your hopes Inspired by your own life Committed to [...]

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cheap snapbacks As we head down the home stretch

Ten a expdi le colis une mauvaise adresse (alors que j fourni des justificatifs de domicile). Le pack est donc repartis Beauvais mais mon chque encaiss de suite le 12 juillet. Le 28 juillet je les informais donc de ne pas me renvoyer le pack qu un mois je lachais l j donc mon remboursement [...]

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This Action Will Help You Unleash Learning For Everyone

I know you want the best for the learners you work with. You want the sessions you run (or sessions your teams run) to bring out the best in what is possible for all the people you work with. Because you care about the work you do, you are strategically, mindfully and creatively creating lessons, presentation and meetings that unleash learning [...]

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The Secret To Strengthening The Way Your Team Works Together

Have you ever sat through a meeting where only one or two people did all the talking? Or, have you ever taken a class where a few individuals dominated all the class discussion? It can be frustrating, right? In those situations we can feel silenced, isolated, not included and less and less willing to fully [...]

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