How To Create A Positive Classroom

One of the best pieces of feedback I received was a note from a person I never met. The person had used my classroom for a weekend event and when finished left a note that simply read:  I feel inspired by being in your classroom. Not only was I moved by the note but I was [...]

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Healthy Eating Made Simple

My mission is to help you and your team stay inspired for the important work you’re doing for our world. That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to Caroline Trickey. I met Carolyn when I took one of her amazing cooking classes. What I learned wasn’t just new recipes (they’re terrific by the way!), but [...]

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3 Tips To End Death By PowerPoint

I believe that using PowerPoint can help you change the world. When you and your team use PowerPoint well not only will you be even more confident in the work you do, but you’ll also be helping to ignite, inspire and unleash learning for everyone you work with.  The best part is, when learning is [...]

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How To Reconnect To Your Greater Purpose

Do you ever feel like you forget why you’re doing the work you’re doing? You might have entered your profession with specific goals, dreams, desires and intentions. But over time, you might have lost touch with that purpose. It’s so easy to do. With the busyness of our live or all the changes we’re often [...]

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The Secret To Effective and Consistent Teaching

If you and your team are working to create consistent and effective teaching I’m guessing that you want the changes to last for a very long time.  Often meaningful change that doesn’t last can be demoralising, expensive and frustrating for everyone involved. Yet, there’s a secret to consistent and effective teaching that you can use today. It [...]

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Fear Holding You Back? Here’s What To Do.

Fear can play funny tricks on us. It can cause us to limit our dreams, dodge conflict, keep ourselves busy, avoid risks, activate addictive behaviour, or impact our wellbeing. The good news is if you’ve felt fear, you’re not alone. I feel it. My friends feel it. People I work with tell me they feel [...]

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Short on Time? Here’s A Way to Confidently Unleash Learning

Do you ever find yourself too short on time to adequately prepare for your learning sessions you run? I know how you feel! Throughout my teaching career, Sundays were often a day of anxiety. That's the day I would prepare for my week of teaching. For the classes I ran, I knew the content we'd be [...]

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The Secret To Creating a Life You Love

There's a secret I want to share with you. You know when you're living a life you love, you have more stamina, insight, energy, inspiration, and ways to be of service to your students, staff and team. That's why with the start of 2016, I want to suggest one thing: To take out your calendar, [...]

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Have I Said Thank You?

You know what I noticed this year? It's how little positive feedback people like you; a person working to make a difference receives. The hard part about your work is you might not see the results for many many years. Let's face it, it's hard to keep giving and leading without seeing the impact your [...]

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I’m Glad I’m A Bad Teacher

One sure way to block success is by running away from a belief, idea, thought or feeling you have about yourself. For instance, if you've ever thought: I'm a bad leader I'm going to be "found out" as a fraud Other people are doing a better job I'm a bad teacher You know what I'm [...]

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