To become a great athlete, it’s important you know where your equipment is, where your training sessions take place, or the time of the event.

The same is true for you and the work you do for our world.

Whether it’s your computer files, your filing system, your classroom, your desk, the use of your time, your finances, or even the inside of your car, if you want to reach your potential getting organised is key.

It’s so much easier to reach your potential when you’re set up for success.

Often getting organised can feel so overwhelming that we avoid it all together. If that’s you, consider leaning into the area that will have the biggest impact on your success.

I’ve met so many amazing people who moved from “good” to “great” by getting more organised. 

PS – I’m currently working on getting my computer files much more organised. Step by step by step…


What one area (you desk, computer, time management, classroom, office, finances, etc.,) could you get more organised?  What timeframe can you give yourself to get it done? Add your comments below.