Do you ever feel like you forget why you’re doing the work you’re doing?

You might have entered your profession with specific goals, dreams, desires and intentions.

But over time, you might have lost touch with that purpose.

It’s so easy to do. With the busyness of our live or all the changes we’re often navigating, over time we can forget why we’re really doing the work we do.

Yet, I believe that your purpose is the key to your wellness, your inspiration and your ultimate success.

That’s why I want you to meet Dr. Mary Kaye Siebert.

She’ll share with you

* why your hopes and dreams matter

* the difference between your internal and external world

* how to create healthy pauses

* how the path to purpose and meaning is often a path of courage

If you’re feeling like you’re at fork in the road, a bit lost, or simply needing to re-inspire yourself for aspects of your life, this interview is for you.

A Question For You!  After you’re done watching the interview, Mary Kaye and I would love to hear from you. In the comments below, tell us how you reconnect to your greater purpose.