calendaringThere’s a secret I want to share with you.

You know when you’re living a life you love, you have more stamina, insight, energy, inspiration, and ways to be of service to your students, staff and team.

That’s why with the start of 2016, I want to suggest one thing:

To take out your calendar,

And use it to schedule in your dreams, fulfillment, joy, curiosity, creativity, and health and wellbeing.

Whether it’s a yoga class, retreat, vacation, taking a night class, trip to a comedy club, or simply creating consistent downtime

Your calendar is the secret to creating a life you love.

Too often our calendar gets filled with other people’s priorities leaving our own lives on the back burner.

But you’re working to make a difference so creating a life you love isn’t selfish.  It’s a necessity.

Here’s how to do it:

1.  Make a love list
Create a list of everything you love to do or would love to do (hobbies, interests, people to meet, books to read, activities that energise, places to travel, restaurants to try, or activities that make you feel great).

2.  Select 5
Select 5 items that are important to you and you’d like to focus on in 2016.

3.  Schedule them
Put the 5 items into your calendar.  It’s easier to stay inspired when you’re looking forward to something, or engaged in activities that make you proud to be you.

4.  Stick to it
Once in your calendar make sure you stick with them.  At times this will mean saying no to people’s requests.  *If you need help saying no click here.

A question for you:

What’s one activity you’ll put into your calendar to create a life you love?  Add your comment below and inspire others.