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Progressives have traditionally fought political monopolies because they are exclusionary. A Sierra Club monopoly should not be granted an exception in any event, but particularly because past Sierra Club candidates and supporters have used many of the divisive tactics employed by such monopolies to gain power. Lieber subsequently won and Parker lost.

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“St. Mary’s past and present students, families, alumni, staff and community members will help us celebrate by participating in Chapel, tours, reception, raising of the flag and musical performances from each decade since 1977. It is a privilege to host an event honoring our past, cherishing our present and looking forward to 40 more years of excellence in education.

But that’s not good enough. McNerney and Boeing have grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle few of us can even fathom, and apparently in the CEO’s mind the continuation of this lifestyle depends on screwing over the very workforce that makes it all possible. Citing a need to stay “competitive,” and threatening like spoiled schoolchildren to take 777X work elsewhere if they didn’t get what they wanted, McNerney and his well compensated Boeing henchmen tried to cram a contract extension down the throat of Boeing machinists that would have frozen their pensions, gouged their benefits and greatly limited their pay raises.